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1. What is the price of web development in WordPress ?

The starting price of web development in wordpress is Rs 10,000.  

2. What is the price of static web development ?

The price of a static web development is Rs 5000.

3. What is the perfect cost for a web site ?

The perfect cost for a website is depending on the way you want to design the website. But along with design we provide the free web hosting, free web design templates and many more.

4. Do you redesign existing website?

Yes, we do the redesign of an existing website.

5. What is the price of an e-commerce website ?

The price of an E-commerce website starts from Rs13,000 .

6. What are my options of the e-commerce ?

For an e-commerce websites the options depends on your choice of adding the new tabs but apart from that we provide payment gateway, Add to cart, wishlist, Cash on Card.

7. Do you use the flash animations on your website design ?

Yes, we use for the logo design, banner design, animated banner design, animation videos to promote your business on YouTube to reach more targeted audience.

8. When can I update my website’s content ?
If you want to improve the contents for your website you need to take the digital marketing help for the improvements. And the maintaining SEO based content to compete with the competitors it will be more helpful. By making a change to digital marketing you can update the contents.
9. Can you provide website design and hosting services ?
Yes. We provide free services on web hosting and web design.
10. How can I get my website listed on search engines especially google at top 10 ranking ?
Digital marketing will the one tool to help your website to rank on top 10 ranking on search engines. Along with that we provide free SEO services, free Web hosting services too. .
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