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Refund & Policy


There are many possibilities of the service we are providing on. So we expect that our clients too make sure they understand that our non-refund policy while making prior payment and agreement with us. As we make our policy and agreement in a very clear form without and fabrication. As we are website designing service providers and being working honestly and efficiently so we also want to o-operate with our clients in honest way to.

Our goal as an internet marketing company is to bring the highest value per rupees spent by our CLIENTS, and in order to help us in that pursuit, we need to cover expenses and fuel our operations. Therefore, we require payments to be made on-time in respect to the services offered to CLIENT.

1. Web design and development projects require extensive sources, consumes time and incurs internal sources. So therefore, once the payment is done in advance and deposited, IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. And if the project gets cancelled or gets postponed by the clients, then all the advanced deposited money will be retained for he “web designers “. And those advanced paid money is paid for the work they completed for is paid for such work.

2. Payments for social marketing, SEO as they are internet marketing, so once the payment is made that payment is not refundable either the payment is made in advance also. Once they payment is made, there is no exceptions to our refund policy.

3. Set-up fees are being applied directly incurred for the web designers and seo professionals and for their input o the projects and also too full-fill clients demand for the project. And in that case refund is not applicable.

4. We normally ask for CLIENT to pay by credit card or bank cheque, OR we may also send an invoice so that you can pay from your end. Claiming that you didn’t provide your card info or that you are not aware of such charges is illegal and fraudulent.

5. And once there is a payment problem from clients side so, then and there we suspend the project and all the work will be stopped without any notice to the clients.

6. Payment policy- we deliver clients satisfaction and also build the relation more strapping but on the payment policy under which all projects require 30% deposit prior to project initiation and 40% payment upon the project submission. Until the full payment is not done from clients side, the project will be kept on hold to both digital and non-digital material created by the company. Full payment is due to the completion by credit card and by back cheque after receiving the invoice from the company.

7. Quotation- any quotation of service will be and is valid upto 30 days from the date issued . And any features not included in the original quote will be subject to extra charges.

8. Payments for past months of web hosting are non-refundable. Hosting accounts are set up at the time of order and are allotted a specific amount of server resources, according to the plan purchased. If client did not make use of the account, payment for services is still due. Hosting accounts are not cancelled until notice is received from the client, or until 15 days after due date of payment not received. Refund not applicable for any delays out of our control. Refund not applicable once website is completed.

9. We does not guarantee any refunds for the cancellation on the services. We will act upon the agreement signed, accepted on mail, signed electrically or physically between the clients and our company.

10. A non-refundable deposit amount of 50% is due at the time of the signing contact.

11. After making the payment If the project is cancelled by the customer after 24hours, there will be no refunds and customer claims will not be entertained. In case of disagreement within 24Hours bewteen Insponse and customer there will be 25% deduction from the amount being payed to us.

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